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​Understanding Your Rhythm Section
Over the years I have received many inquiries from public school music educators about how to deal more effectively with their young rhythm sections. This is not surprising,since jazz band directors typically have background as brass or woodwind players, and may not understand why their rhythm section appears to struggle while the rest of their band is functioning well...
Published Articles
Percussive Notes 
Melodic Transcription for the Drum Set
In this article I would like to suggest a different approach to solo transcriptions. Rather than transcribing another drummer's solo, transcribe a solo by a horn player, a pianist or any other pitched instrument. The exact pitches need not to be written out, only the rhythmic patterns played by the soloist... 


Percussive Notes 
​Accent Applications to Drum Set
The music dictionary defines an accent as "emphasis or stress on one tone, note or chord." From this ambiguous definition arises a number of questions. How is the desired accent played? When should an accent be used? What type of accent would be most effective in a particular musical situation?...