Percussive Notes
Drummer Jack Mouse has scheduled several jazz camps for the summer of 1989, including the Great Plains Jazz Camp at Emporia State University (Kansas), the Summer Educator's Jazz Workshop at VanderCook College of Music (Chicago), and the Saskatchewan School of the Arts Summer Jazz Camp (Canada). He will also be featured with the in-residence rhythm sections of the Janice Borla Vocal Jazz Camp at Illinois Benedictine College...

Naperville Sun
Making music isn't something Jack Mouse does, it's part of who he is. "I started playing drums when I was 4, so I don't have a lot of memories when I wasn't playing," said Mouse, a native of Emporia, KS. "My parents were very supportive. My father always said, ' don't care what you do, but do something you love.'" Early on, Mouse realized percussion was his passion, and joined a local band in high school. "By the time I was in college, I was going out with name bands and really working quite a bit on a high level," he said.....
Modern Drummer
On singer Janice Borla's recent album, Agents of Change, drummer Jack Mouse isn't relegated to keeping time. He enjoys a lot of freedom to color the songs." That is a luxury," Mouse says. "Of course, I had a lot of input because Janice is my wife. And I was very comfortable working with the other musicians on the album. Pianist Dan Haerle, bassist Bob Bowman, and I have been playing together off and on since 1975, so there's a lot of trust there..."
Percussive Notes
Stewart and I have known Jack Mouse for 30 years. When we first met Jack we were attending the Saskatchewan Summer School of the Arts Jazz Week in the mid-seventies. The faculty included some of the best talent in the industry, including this young drummer from Emporia, Kansas. Jack taught at the camp for many years and inspired countless musicians through his dedication to quality education. Jack is currently based in Chicago where he is established as a "first call" educator and performer. His workshop on brush technique was extraordinary.....

How To Groove Without Cymbals With
​These 42 Examples
The bossa nova is a staple of jazz, Latin, and jobbing work. Many years ago I saw jazz drummer Jack Mouse demonstrate how to play a bossa nova using a brush in one hand and a stick in the other (Ex. 29). This has been one of my favorite ways to play them ever since.

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Jazz Improv 
JI: Tell us about your experiences as a featured soloist with the United States Naval Academy band? How did your experiences in the Navy itself, and in the Navy band impact your style and artistic perspectives?

JM: From 1969-73, I was with the U.S. Air Force Academy Jazz Band, "The Falconaires." As you can imagine, because the draft was in effect, during the Vietnam War the military jazz bands were exceptional. It provided the unique experience of rehearsing and/or playing concerts with, for the most part, the same great musicians on a daily basis for four years...

Tuba Masters Make Deep Impression

Modern Drummer
Drummer Jack Mouse and vibist Brad Stirtz were featured with the Janice Borla Group at the 9th annual Chicago Jazz Festival.

The Emporia Gazette - To the Beat
​of His Own Drum
Burns shepherded Mouse in one way or another throughout his career; the snare drum gift marked only the beginning. “He was my first teacher,” Mouse said. “He was the first drummer I ever saw play live ... at a city band concert in Fremont Park. Burns already was well established as a drummer and was playing professionally in the Emporia area when he and Mouse started their lifetime connection.

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Recording Magazine
As a husband-and wife team, Jack Mouse and Janice Borla designed a basement to function as a place for writing, rehearsing and teaching, and as it turned out it became the place where they recorded Janice’s highly acclaimed CD From Every Angle. When they purchased the home, which sits by a pond in Naperville, the “English-style” walk-out basement (a basement that is only partially below ground) was unfinished. While they planned to make it into a place for their work, the ability to record there was never on their minds. Little did they know...


Percussionner Magazine
Vibist Ken Wehman and jazz drummer Jack Mouse presented two clinics and a concert at Emporia State University in Emporia State University in Emporia, Kansas, which began a five-day tour taken by the two as part of the Janice Borla Group. Other tour appearances included Hutchinson at Hutchinson Community College and Wichita and Wichita State University...

Feature Articles
2017 Interview with Ted Warren
​Jack recently had an Interview with Ted Warren, on his popular drum set blog ‘TRAP'D.'  ​

"I'm very pleased this post to publish an interview with the great Drummer/Educator Jack Mouse. Jack taught at a camp I attended in my teen years, and was (and continues to be) a profound influence on my playing."
- Ted Warren