Three Story Sandbox

"Daring, expressive, and full of unbridled creativity... Brilliant and totally uninhibited... A combination of the most sophisticated and challenging western art music (e.g., John Cage), combined with an exotic world music ambiance, tied all together with the sensibilities of free jazz."

John Lane, Percussive Notes

Three Story Sandbox demonstrates conclusively that free jazz needn’t be unstructured cacophony.  (The trio) has developed a workable musical conversation that allows for both spontaneous experimentation and structural integrity… The music itself develops a consistent ambient soundscape, a natural one that is intense and magical.”
Jack Goodstein, BlogCritics
“Three Story Sandbox is above all things a festival of sounds.  Unique, colorful and unusual is the type of free jazz that is presented by these three consummate artists.”​
Leonid Auskern, JazzQuad, Russia 


“…A trio of veterans with nothing to prove… Thrill seekers exploring the limits of their instruments.  This is free jazz on an open canvas, yet they don’t leave their audience stranded.  The sound is crystal clear and had us on the edge of our seats in anticipation.  Three Story Sandbox is a creative, playful jaunt, an eclectic collection and an enjoyable experience.”
D. Oscar Groomes, O’s Place Jazz Newsletter

"Three Story Sandbox is strange and cool, familiar and bizarre, everything free jazz is supposed to be."
Carol Banks Weber, 1 AXS  


“What you walk away with are sounds and sonic images of a night walking out on a full moon in the desert around Sedona.”
George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

“Here’s hoping that more and more of this free jazz pops up in the live concerts these wonderful musicians are in the habit of playing.”​
Richard R. Guzman, author, Voices and Freedoms​ 

“This is improvisation at its best by a trio of communicators as well as gifted musicians… Imagination, collaboration and an infectious enthusiasm for creativity.  A brilliant album of freely-improvised music by three master jazz musicians.”
Grady Harp, Amazon
"A fine examples of what you get when you give creative talents that know what to do with free reign free reign and let them run wild.  This is progressive music for people that didn’t know they would like it." 
Chris Spector, Midwest Record

"The three show what is the essence of improvisation, beyond themes that showcase their technical skills. You can still use the term 'Free Jazz,' but here we are far from the fiery atmosphere of the `60s; the social context behind this music is quite different. They know very well the tradition, but they decided to get away for this occasion."  
Vittorio Lo Conte, Music Zoom, Italy 

“The music is stunning and brilliant in its unfettered freedom; its success is the result of each musician’s technical virtuosity, not to mention their shared history of interaction and dedication to the pursuit of artistry.” 
Ed Enright, DownBeat “Editor’s Pick”