Intimate Adversary


“The musicianship is exceptional, not only in terms of consummate artistry, but also in the most precious element of jazz expressiveness that can only exist in the essence of musicians who know, respect and love each other’s creativity, producing that perfect synergy of unified intent… Further unifying the ensemble is Jack’s marvelous drumming – always viscerally creative, stimulating the soloists and providing the bonding substance that fortifies the structure… This is sheer musicality, radiant swing and utterly compelling creativity.”
​Grady Harp,

“Drummer Jack Mouse swings so comfortably and complementary that he reminds us of what a drummer’s album should strive for… This album commands the listener’s attention with its expressive, musically mature quality and hidden sonic surprises throughout its interactive dedicational spirit. Mouse plays with seasoned assuredness that younger drummers should take a listen to.” 
N. Scott Robinson, Percussive Notes

“Some albums feature musicians so in tune with each other that it isn’t possible to slip a sheet of paper between them, as they are so tight, and that is exactly the case here… Jack shuffles, he fills, he never rests, and it is his energy which allows the rest of the band to relax and take the music where it needs to go and never force it… Simply superb.” 
Kev Rowland,

​“Completely original music, showing the artist, not only as an excellent imaginative drummer and band leader, but also as an experienced jazz composer.”

“The recording sounds absolutely great, allowing each musician to exist cleanly in his own space… There’s a groove here that suggests these five musicians have explored every nook and crazy of Mouse’s original compositions and arrangements… Each member gets a chance to show off his considerable talent, but it’s drummer Jack Mouse who supplies the inspiration… The entire span of Intimate Adversary Is so expertly told… that you’ll feel you’re in the most capable of hands and you can finally relax and enjoy the flow.”
Marc Phillips,

“Mouse has long proven that he can play in a free jazz setting.  This session displays Mouse’s knack for compelling writing, combining his joyful spirit with a more traditional approach, giving the band members a chance to stretch too… The group setting further reveals the versatility and compositional strengths of Mouse, brought to adventurous life by his quintet.”
Jim Hynes,

“Masterful jazz drumming… I give Jack and his musical cohorts a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating
​of 4.99 for this fantastic release.”
Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

“A delight to hear… Serious jazz that moves and shines with an energy that listeners expect from musicians who love their art… A wonderful excursion into jazz expression at the crossroads of tradition, adventure, virtuosity and joy exuberance.”
Dodie Miller-Gould,

“The intricately crafted music balances inventively written passages with elegant and fluid spontaneity.  The album, although firmly rooted in the mainstream, occasionally flirts with freer ideas, thus acquiring a thrilling edge.”
Hrayr Attarian, Chicago Jazz Magazine

“Mouse gives a workshop on style as he snaps everyone in line…Diverse, but in a good direction.”
George W Harris,

“The solos are splendid, within the realm of a creative collective sound.”
Vittorio Lo Conte, MusicZoom, Italy (translation)

“Through breakneck stylistic and rhythmically challenging twists and turns along the way, Mouse and his longtime cohorts explore everything from blues and gospel to traditional post-bop and free form jazz…It’s a stylistic free for all steeped in the joyful jazzy schizophrenia that results when the greatest of the genre’s musicians develop intimate relationships with their axes – and each other.”
Jonathan Widran,

“An album that encompasses many forms of the post bop era jazz, Mouse and company also embrace ‘50s swing and mild gospel blues influences in this versatile and highly intriguing effort.”
Tom Haugen,

“Hot happening jazz from Mouse and his longtime crew.  It’s a solid date that just doesn’t quit or let you down.  ​Loaded with can’t miss stuff.”
Chris Specter, Midwest Record

“… Performed by a wise master and his colleagues, with whom he has worked for many years… “
Leonid Auskern,, Russia (translation)

“For his new album, jazz drummer Jack Mouse has recorded stylistically diverse compositions, from traditional to free jazz, which he skillfully integrated into a harmonious whole.”, Croatia (translation)

“The painless rhythm section really swings…”
Lynn Rene Bayley,

“This quintet presents nine original compositions of post-bop, with a touch of swing…”
Patrick Van De Wiele,, Belgium (translation)