After decades of performing with some of the greatest names in jazz, Chicago-based drummer Jack Mouse finally gathered together a quintet of longtime collaborators to record this intriguing set of ten original compositions​



1. LaPorta 
2. Slow Helen

3. Winterset
4. Hip Check
5. Raucous Caucus
6. The Breezeling
7. Mean Streak
8. Prairie Dance
9. Manne-rism
10. Loose Weave

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Range of Motion

  • LaPorta6:06
  • Slow Helen7:58
  • Hip Check6:57
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Jack Mouse Group
Origin Records (82633)

Jack Mouse - drums
Scott Robinson - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone & flute
Art Davis - trumpet & flugelhorn
John McLean - guitar
Bob Bowman - bass
Kelly Sill - bass


Grady Harp, Amazon  

“Jack Mouse is mighty - on the drums, on technique and on assembling a group of pros to bring this body of unique music together….a mixture of the hot new sound with an equal dose of nostalgia.  This quintet plays their hearts out and brings it right off the surface into the space where magic dwells.”    * * * * * (5 stars)​

Jack Bowers, All About Jazz
“A sure-handed, high energy drummer who dazzles with brushes.  A splendid album, well-written (and quarterbacked) by Mouse and well-executed by everyone else.  Thumbs Up!”